Why it is important to check your pets for parasites


Hi everyone,

While most of us will remember and think about the common problem of fleas when it comes to parasites many of us forget that there are far worse and far less visible parasites that could infest your cats, other pets and in some cases even us!

As part of our commitment to providing you with tips and advice around the wellbeing of your cats (and other pets) we will be including many more posts around how to keep parasites at bay. If you’ve missed our previous post on fleas don’t forget that you can find this here.

Today we are going to focus on running through some of the parasites that our cats are susceptible to!

  1. Roundworm

White worms with cylindrical bodies, roundworms live in the small intestine of cats and feed on the contents of the gut. Cats can become infected from their mother’s milk or by ingesting…

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