We Both Fit, Right?


These two cuties are my nephews.  They belong to my sister and are brothers to one another.  One is Sparty, and the other is Ralphie, named after her husband’s college mascot and her college mascot.  I’d tell you which one is which in the pictures, but I still can’t tell them apart.

These furry babies were rescued by a friend of mine that found that their mother had given birth on the rocks just outside her apartment building.  My friend took in the mother and the entire litter!  She already had two cats too.  It was winter time and because she opened her home to them, all but one baby made it and were eventually adopted to good homes.

These two firecrackers have a wonderful home and as you can see they still think they are small enough to fit on the same floor of their kitty condos.  They love to cuddle and clean one another, but hopefully they will realize it may not work in that particular spot any longer.


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