Can You Live In The Moment? 

Love this!!


A woman at the gym saw me showing someone a picture of my puppy. She asked if she could see it too. I quickly replied, “Of course!” I had just finished showing the gas station attendant Valentino’s latest pic. He’s ridiculously adorable. Just looking at his big dopey face seems to bring joy to people’s heart. I’m happy to share the love. As all three of us gazed down at my phone, the woman said, ” Oh, a Saint Bernard. They die so young.” I was speechless. Our love bug is 5 months old. I believe she meant no harm. Who knows? Maybe she even thought she was educating me, therefore helping me? Or she’s just a worry wart. I took a deep breath and said, “Right now he’s very much alive and well.” There is a difference between worrying about the future and planning for it. Worrying makes us…

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