Angel: Travel with your Pet in Style

Informative….but too ADORABLE not to reblog. What a gorgeous girl!



Angel here again bringing you a brilliant product! Purr… a MULTIPURPOSE PET CARRIER FOR VARIOUS SMALL ANIMALS: This pet carrier is particularly designed to carry pets up to 15lbs (6.8kg). And that includes cute little puppies, fluffy kittens and snugly white as the snow rabbits! For the more adventurous pet owners, the backpack can carry jungle green lizards and little piglets as well. The pet carrier measures 16″x 12″x 8″(41 x 30 x 21 cm) so make sure that your four legged friend will fit properly!

  • NOT JUST A PET CARRIER BUT A RESOURCEFUL PET GADGET: Upon developing this pet carrier, the company thought about the needs of pet owners and how to make their life easier. Their carrier can be used as a backpack on the back or in the front. Great right? Plus, you can use it as on a car seat and place it on the back of your car…

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