Why Natural Ingredients Are So Important for Cats


Cats are our best friends. They are with us through good times and bad. They love us unconditionally. Naturally, we want to take care of them the best way possible. This means giving them quality food and grooming products. Quality food and grooming products start with natural ingredients. The natural products help keep our cats healthy and happy. They help us do the right thing for the planet we live on.

Harmful Chemicals in Food and Shampoo

We naturally shy away from harmful ingredients in our food and in our personal grooming products. We know that these chemicals can provide lasting damage to our bodies. We avoid them and look for alternatives. The same should apply to how we look at cat products.

eating-380837_960_720The Quality of Typical Cat Food

Many commercial cat foods are merely a mixture of ingredients designed to meet a minimum standard. Natural ingredients cost too…

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