Guest Star: Blanche The Catspector


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Stamatiou Alexandros (Available in French in the original post):

Hello everybody,

Some of you may already know that I have a cat named Blanche from my own Blog.

There have been some works at the house in order to strengthen the basement. As there was much noise our cat was curious when workers finished the day of work to see what happened and what all this mess for was for.

Here is the story of catspector Blanche


What was all this noise? What’s happening at my house? I got to check that out.


Wow the is a lot of stuff here….oh my God they moved so many sand I almost not recognise my home


Wow there is a big hole over there. Hahahaha I am going to trap that male cat that disturbs me every night. I will make him fall in there and then put…

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