Book Review: Cat Lady, narrating by Angel Eyes


Meow and Hello,

I brought you a very cute book called the Cat Lady. To any tourist in Rome, Old Maria may seem to be an eccentric soul who feeds stray cats and thinks she can talk with them. Things are rarely as they seem. In fact, she can. A dying cardinal has given Maria a final, urgent wish. His time is running short. On the surface, it seems impossible to grant.

20151102_102841There are, on thirty-one pages, connected verses of (almost always) eight lines each, with rhyme scheme AABBCCDD. As always, Google anything you don’t know. Apparently Strega is an Italian liqueur, for example.
It is a mythic story, beginning with the cat lady and her cats, and segueing into the tale of Cardinal Mezzaluna, who summons the cat lady to a private audience. This leads to a mythic journey that reminds me of The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

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