Angel’s Cat Paradise by Catastrophic Creations



Holy Cats Tails!! I’m so excited to share this new product I received from Catastrophic Creations. They create furniture that’s functional, with a lot of focus on design. From using techniques like wood burning to experimenting with materials like exotic wood and carbon fiber (coming this summer).

20160120_100905Catastrophic Creations cat furniture is Pawsome as their designs come in different wood colors and bracket colors and different colored material to match your room. It make the walls look like art even though I know it’s a lounger and playground for me, but that will be our secret. Let me show you my Catastrophic Creation design piece by piece and show you how I get up here.

20160129_112406 I’m ready to show you my playground. This is called a Floating Sisal Post Step. I pull myself up on this step from the chair I love to lay on. When you have your step you can put…

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2 thoughts on “Angel’s Cat Paradise by Catastrophic Creations

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I see you filled in the google form to take part in the blog tour for Brandy Isaacs. But I never got your email and can’t seem to find it anywhere on your social media.

    Our email is

    It would be great if you could send us yours so I can get Brandy’s Spotlight information to yourself.

    Thanks for joining us on Brandy’s tour.


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