The Awesome Liebster Award

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So I received a beautiful nomination for The Liebster Award from the ever so talented,ever so lovely, The herself, Miss Jennifer Hinsman! Thanks Jennifer, you’re a doll!
So,what is a Liebster award exactly?
Liebster meaning “beloved” or ” dearest” in German,is the name given to the online blogging award that highlights favorite up and coming bloggers, nominated by other bloggers. Its a platform for bloggers deserving recognition and praise,and welcome them to the world of blogging, and a great way to connect with other bloggers as well as getting your blog out there.
Once nominated,each blogger must follow the rules below and keep the momentum going! You’re given 11 questions to answer by the blogger who nominated your blog,and once you nominate your bloggers you must also give them a new set of questions.
So a few rules and guidelines…….
1,Thank the lovely blogger who was kind to nominate…

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