Kids Crack Me Up!😂

dog laughing

(Names are changed for all the kids)

I’ve had preschoolers in my care each year that I shuttle back and forth to the school.  Some of the conversations between them on the short ride to school are just a riot!  I love listening when they think I’m not listening or part of what’s going on, but as any good caregiver or mom would tell you…we hear and see everything!

A few of the girls were discussing hair color in the back seat.  They discussed what friends had what hair and so on.  Then one of the girls said, “I have blond hair, and so does my mom.  My friend Lucy does too.”

Girl two says, “Hey so does Miss Jenny” (that’s me)

Girl one responds, “No, she has yellow and black hair.”

Girl two, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

I guess I was in need of a root touch up that particular day!  This goes back to my last post about never looking for an ego boost from kids, they give it to you straight.  So funny though!  Love them.


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