RRBC Pay It Forward with Michael Lynes

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Michael’s award winning book recently and I am anxious to read it!  His book was recently chosen as the ‘President’s Pick’ at RRBC.  Very exciting accolades indeed!  Please read more about Michael and find out how to connect with him and purchase his book.


About the Author:

     MICHAEL LYNES is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several startup ventures.

He enjoys dry red wine and the occasional single malt scotch. When not occupied with arcane engineering projects, he spends his time playing with his two grandchildren, baking bread, feeding seasoned hardwood into his ancient Timberline woodstove, working on his various cars, birdwatching, and taking amateur photographs.

His current menagerie includes one short-haired turtle shell cat and a pair of actual turtles.

Mr. Lynes was awarded a BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and currently works as an embedded software engineer.

He has a consuming interest in the science of emotion as promulgated by Dr. Paul Ekman and has made a comprehensive study of his Face and Emotion courses.

He has four sons, has been married for over thirty years, and currently lives with his wife and youngest son in the beautiful secluded hills of Sussex County, New Jersey.

As a side note, I have a proclivity for red wine and scotch too Michael!  Great minds think alike, cheers!! 😊

Here is the link to buy There is a Reaper and a little about the book:


Five-year-old Christopher Aaron has always been a whirlwind of heroic action, leading his brothers into all sorts of youthful mischief. A mysterious illness suddenly plunges him and his family into a frightening nightmare of hospitals and doctors and extreme therapies far from his small-town home. Can his doctors diagnose his strange disease? How will he and his family adapt to this bizarre new world they have been thrust into?

Heart-wrenching, searing and powerful, There is a Reaper immerses the reader in Christopher’s intense struggle against his pitiless foe as he matures and transforms in the white heat of his epic battle.

Connect with Michael:

Blog or Website: http://www.facebook.com/thereisareaper
Twitter Handle: @​woodheat
Facebook Page URL: www.facebook.com/thereisareaper




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