“Gifted Teacher Speaks” 5 STARS

This is an example of the great reviews that John Fioravanti has received for his book   http://www.amazon.com/A-Personal-Journey-Heart-Teaching-ebook/dp/B00K9UXW2E

Gifted Teacher Speaks

By:MegaReaderon December 17, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I have always thought that good teachers are born, not made. As a youngster John Fioravanti knew he wanted to help people in some way, but was misdirected towards the priesthood. When he eventually recognised his calling to become a teacher he was initially plagued with doubts regarding his ability, but over the course of his career it is plain to see when reading this book that he was actually a gifted teacher and born to the profession; mentoring the students in his impromptu lunchtime meetings, and working hard to instruct and prepare them for higher education. He earned their respect by treating them as individuals. I wish he had taught my kids, but they were 3000 miles away at the time!


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