Excerpt from Angel of Death

Excerpt from Angel of Death

Gunner pulled her hair to the side so he could rest his chin on her naked shoulder. “Tance, until I met you I’d given up on the idea of having something special with anyone. Sure, I dated and slept with some of the girls, but I never cared if I saw them again, it was just never right, no sparks. It was like I was just kind of on auto-pilot for so long, getting set up on dates through friends and always agreeing because I was single and that’s what I was supposed to do. It was all just robotic, for lack of a better word.”

She was nodding as he spoke, because she knew exactly where he was coming from, if she had a dollar for every date Audrey set her up with she’d have money like Audrey. She just went through the motions because that’s what college coeds did: dated, had fun and slept around. She never connected with anyone long enough, nor did she even have the slightest interest in sleeping with any guy she ever went out with. She was curious at times, what it would be like to have sex. There were a few times she considered losing her virginity, just to be done with it, but she was never brave enough or stupid enough.

“Then this gorgeous blond, with the most stunning blue eyes, walked into my office a few weeks ago, and I immediately felt something … something exciting. I can honestly say, I don’t think a woman has ever had that affect on me. I swear, the first time we touched … I knew I needed to make you mine. I saw my future in those stunning eyes of yours.” He brushed his lips up and down her neck. “I love this, Tance.”

Tancy moved the tray and got onto her knees to face Gunner. “I feel like I can say ‘ditto’ to everything you just said. Your first touch sent sparks through me, and the first time our lips touched it felt more right than anything ever has in my life. The first time we made love and you held me in your arms all night, it felt like home, only no home I’ve ever known. I trust you implicitly, I want this … us … you.” She straddled his lap and kissed him with raw, passionate emotion.

They began to arouse one another, and she rode him like that until they both climaxed, saying one another’s names. “Tance, you have me …”

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