Archer's Aim

Today, I’m happy to host Jean Shorney and her newly released book Progeny of a Killer. Take it away, Jean!

Overloading Plots and Tangents

PROGENY BCWithout the steadying influence of my proofreader, I can become a wayward writer. That is I tend to write everything that pops into my head. I go off on tangents. For example Progeny Of A Killer began life as two stories (and two different genres). Basically the book was intended to be a terrorism thriller, which is what it became. Thoroughly focussed on that one theme, but there was so much other stuff going on in Aidan McRaney’s life. His problems with his young bride. Her insecurities that all the women he had previously dated were tall, sexy redheads or sophisticated blondes. Whereas Caitlan was short, with mousy dark hair, and barely twenty when he fell in love with her. Her hang-ups lead her, beneath the…

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