Attention Authors and Readers!! 📚📚📚

BLOG RECRUITMENT DAY Rave Reviews Book Club!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015



Rave Reviews Book Club is an on-line book club dedicated to Profiling, Promoting and Propelling authors of all genres.  The club was founded and is run by a female, Nonnie Jules!  This SUPERSTAR female is committed to living the mission of Rave Reviews Book Club.


The site and see for yourself all the cool things this book club does:

Then join the club and reap the benefits for yourself.  Explore the site and see all the wonderful books listed to read, if you love to read–look no further!!  Rave Reviews Book Club has hundreds of members that are all wonderful supporters of Indie Authors.  There are several female authors for readers to discover.  I personally have learned so much by being a member, I’ve made some great on-line friends and my own books have been promoted by many amazing members!



Run, don’t walk!

Become a Rave Reviews Book Club Member today!

Go to link below and cast your vote:Ballot

Celebrate all the wonderful women in your life!


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