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Life As I Know It

Hello, bloggers!

Please help me welcome Author Lisa Mauro. Lisa is on a very exciting blog tour with 4WillsPublishing. Today is her last day, so let’s help her finish this tour in the greatest of ways!! Support, support, support!!

I’d like to thank today’s host and 4Wills Publishing for organizing this amazing opportunity. I hope you all enjoy the tour!

Book Cover

There was always a transition. There was a transition from one hellhole to another, then on to another. And now, to have my dreams within reach, it felt as though once my hands touched them, they would fall apart as well. As Chinua Achebe so accurately wrote, “Things falls apart.” For me, they so often do.

I realized I was still chewing my lip, and then I looked at the clock. “There’s a half hour, Linda. Time flies.”

“Shit!” she exclaimed. This was an outburst I had never…

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