Characters, storylines and inspiration with #RRBC spotlight author Kathryn R Biel

Helen Treharne

Today I’m joined by Kathryn R Biel, Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author and all round good egg. She’s the author of Jump, Jive and Wail… Read on for an excerpt! It sounds great in my view, not least because of the title which appeals to the former modern jive/Ceroc dancer in me !
Over to Kathryn to tell us about inspiring story ideas, airport security and a heroine with an anger issue…

I always get a little nervous when someone asks me how I come up with my story ideas. The best I can come up with is Melanie Griffith in the movie Working Girl, defending herself in the elevator to Mr. Trask. She has to explain how she came up with the pitch that Sigourney Weaver is claiming was her idea. I feel the same way. It’s hard to explain. I usually start with a kernel…

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