Suffocation (original poem by Jennifer Hinsman)

Author- Jennifer Hinsman

Title- Suffocation (a poem) 



I can’t breathe because of my mistake,

You took everything and made it break.

Is the pain worth the high?

Love is not what I thought, you made me cry.

You’ve gone way too far,

Now I’m left with gaping scars.

You’ve made me wish I were breathless to escape the pain,

I’ll never let another hurt me like that again.

You still fill your chest with air,

My suffocation is too much to bear.

Take it away, I want to rewind

If only life and death could be that kind.

I want to love, I want to feel

I’m not sure I can, I don’t think I’ll ever heal.


What if once again I could laugh?

You went and shattered my heart in half.

When everything’s made to be broken,

So much regret is left unspoken.

There’s insufferable abuse from your hands,

I’m so glad I ultimately took a stand.

Finally a moment to be brave,

Thanks to God before I met my grave.

It all could have been so terribly tragic,

I had faith and knew it could work magic.

My lungs and chest are no longer so heavy,

The tears from my grief finally broke through the levee.

I feel an awakening in my heart

Could I finally be ready for a new start?

It is time to let it go and forgive,

This will only ensure that I can really live.

How will I know if it’s love and it’s right?

Will it take away the nightmares that invade at night?

I will no longer be a slave to darkness in my bones,

The suffocation has eased, I know I’m not alone.

I feel so alive and strong,

Now that I know you can’t hurt me cause you’re gone.

Gentle hands and words mean everything,

I finally know how it feels to have my heart sing.

Love is what I found from myself inside,

I finally healed with God by my side.








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