Great Interview!

Liz Gavins Blog

A Conversation with Rebecca Reilly

Author of Haunting Megan


Tell us about your writing process.  Do you map out all the details of your stories in advance, or do your stories evolve organically?

I do not map out my stories. I love the creative freedom of organic writing.  A conversation, a jog through the forest, or stumbling upon a new location triggers an idea.  I dream through it, usually while I hike or jog.  I spend time getting to know my key characters before I begin.  Once I start writing, my characters drive the story.  I am often surprised where they take me. 

The scenic mountain setting plays a huge role in Haunting Megan.  Were you inspired by any real-life locations?

Many of my favorite trails are in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and several of them inspired me.  There is strength in the mountains and a solidity that…

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